Our Groundbreaking Dental Software

DreamAlign is designed to streamline dental aligner production by increasing speed and reducing costs. Features include automated cutline generation and segmentation using our machine learning algorithms.  We have designed our software to ensure compatibility for a variety of 3D models that the provider may use to generate the treatment plan and the ability to export to multiple CNC machines.

Emilia Clarke
Michael Rua
"DreamAlign was a fundamental piece in figuring out the automation puzzle at SouSmile. The software is extremely robust and critical to preparing our aligners to be printed, cut and marked in a reliable and efficient way."
Emilia Clarke
Director of Manufacturing
"DreamAlign has truly revolutionized our clear aligner production process, simplifying each step and unlocking new levels of efficiency. Its remarkable ability to streamline the entire production process, from printing to aligner trimming, has not only improved our efficiency but also enhanced the overall quality of our aligners. Implementing DreamAlign was a straightforward process, thanks to its clear instructions and the accessibility of the development team for support. With confidence, we rely on DreamAlign for smooth operations in the long run. I highly recommend giving DreamAlign a try."